Sunday, 24 July 2011

For my daughter on her birthday

When you were born I had no doubt in my mind what I was going to name you. I had thought about it. So I named you Kashni (ਕਾਸ਼ਣੀ). It's a Punjabi word. It means sky-like. Somebody once told me that children tend to acquire the traits of the name they are given. I really never bought this idea as the meaning of my name is King.

So sky-like could be endless (असीम), pure and constantly evolving like a painting that is being painted by an unseen artist. And you turned out to be exactly as your name suggested. 

Today you are 15 years old. I wish I could rewind the time and just live some of the moments of our lives together again and again. I can never forget the first steps you took in front of me and I love it now when you mildly suggest with your eyes what kind of shoes I should buy for myself.

I had this silly wish when you were small. I used to see little girls throwing tantrums and twisting the arms of their fathers and manipulating them into buying them ice creams, toys or whatever they wanted. I wish you had done that too. Even yesterday when we were looking for a dress for you there was this little girl who was crying her heart out for something she wanted and her father was trying to console her and was doing miserably.

We both saw that and looked at each other and smiled. I understood in a second that you had that same wish too. But you never ever asked me for anything. May be you understood, I do not know how, that I could not give that thing to you at that time.

Today you sort of fulfilled that silly wish of mine and made me search for the tickets of a movie that were next to impossible to get. You made me visit various cinemas but to no avail. So in the end you made me promise that we will watch this movie on your birthday.

I wish you could do that when you were two years old and I could feel like a King as my name suggests. But a King is a King no matter how old his princess is. You are my Princess Kashni and I am your father. The King of all cinemas.

Happy Birthday my child. God bless you.

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