Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ctrl + a + Del: A guide to making small new beginnings daily

Computers were invented and developed by humans and are a sort of miniature versions of human brain.
We humans have the tendency to imitate ourselves in whatever we invent or build.
So computers are no exceptions. A computer works the same way most human brains do.
Simply put, it stores the information it is fed and retrieves that information on command.
Obviously, the computers are not as sophisticated an information storing and retrieving machine as a human brain.
Computers have limitations on how much data they can store. And depending on their configuration, the time taken in retrieval of that data also varies.
On the other hand, the human brain has no limitation on information storage capacity and of course it all comes back to us faster than the speed of thought.
In fact, more often than not, humans are not able to set limits to the amount of information stored in their brain or choose that information.
Ironically, in the computers that limitation is set by humans according to their needs.
But we are unfortunately not able to do that for ourselves most of the time.
We tend to store unnecessary data or information in our brains and it affects us the same way it does a computer. It slows us down.
So as you all know very well that it is quite easy to get rid of unwanted and redundant information from a computer, resulting in a fast machine.
BUT, it seems almost impossible to remove any information from our brain. No matter what we do or where we go the old information just keeps coming back like a nightmare and with a lightning fast speed.

It is common that we forget things which are important. We have Things To Do Today  lists, alarms on our mobile phones, pop ups in our e-mail accounts and still we forget "important things" to do.
Then why is it so that we are not able to get rid of the unwanted, unpleasant, unnecessary information from our brains?
Do we have a choice in that?
Have we already exercised that choice?
Are we deliberately choosing to forget the important things and keeping the redundant things stored in our brain?
The answers to these questions are also there with all the other unused information in our brains. Just need to dig up those files and use that information.

Wait for the book………….its coming up……………..this centenary.

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