Monday, 8 June 2015

Delhi Metro Rocks | Just About Everything

My car is at the workshop for the last seven days and I am car-less which is not necessarily a bad thing considering you do not have to drive in Delhi and your getting killed in a road rage incident becomes a distant reality rather than a highly probable one. One of the options is to travel by Metro which I did today morning during rush hour. It was a life altering experience. During a peak hour Metro ride you get:

1. Free ki massage : I have been touched. At body parts I have not been touched for a long long time. It's my back you perverts. AND you are gay for about thirty minutes.

2. Free ka deo : You get smothered by arm pits glazed with different kinds of deos and by the time you reach your destination you smell of a new kind of deo specially created ON you.

3. Free ki direction : Now I understand why that sweet lady (you know who you are) tells us which way the doors are going to open because you lose sense of direction after a few stations and "thoda" adjustment.

4. Free ki intimacy: You are so up, close and personal while travelling in Metro that you get to see people's chat on Whatsapp or Facebook and for a brief time you are torn between looking at the roof of the coupé stupidly and staring at the personal chat of the person standing right next to you.

5. Free ki poking : While getting off, at last, there is a guy behind you who knows exactly what pressure point on your back they need to push to get you off the train quickly. The guy will poke you  with his knuckles suggesting you to get off.

I am sure public transport offers more than cheap way to travel. It brings people closer. Perhaps a wee bit closer than we like. 

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