Friday, 29 April 2011

A Tribute to My Superman

Everybody's got their favorite uncles and aunts. I have had my fair share of them. But there are some people in your life who are more than your favorite. You are always in awe of them, observe them and try to ape them. When you were a child you even believed them to have superpowers. I lost such a person in my life this week.
He was my father's youngest brother. May be his being a deep-sea diver was the reason behind my belief of him having extraordinary powers, considering that I was petrified of water. I remember stories regarding his experiences under the sea water. His being bitten by a poisonous fish and surviving that. I still remember vividly looking at his diving gear with a sense of majestic pride and cooking up stories about my brave uncle among my friends.
He was the first person in our family who went abroad. My father in particular was very proud of this fact and used to talk about his kid brother lovingly to everybody. And, of course, never confessed his love for him. We are like that only. A man never cries, a man never asks for help and a man never expresses his love for another out in the open.
His trips abroad had special attraction for me as he would bring back coins for my collection. Saltenat of Oman, Bahreen, Sharjah and Dubai were names that crowned my proud collection of coins. I still have somewhere that Saudi Dinar he gave me when he came back from some Arab country.
As a diehard fan you like everything your superhero does. You like the way he talks, the way he dresses, the way he laughs and you try to imitate him in whichever lame way you can. Like jumping from the side of a bed pretending the bed to be an ocean and start swimming in that imaginary ocean. I am no exception.
And when you grow up your Superman also ages with you. It evolves as the time passes. You still believe him to have superpowers but of different kind. And these powers imaginary as they are do not actually help you out in your day to day life but the idea keeps your hopes alive.
God knows I was angry with my Superman for a period of time when I hoped that he would save me but he couldn't make it as he was not my Superman exclusively as it dawned on me. But even if he could not come to my rescue, I never stopped believing in his superpowers.
It's not easy losing your Superman. My father died when I was just out of college. It was not easy to lose him either. After all he was the elder brother to my Superman and he was my Superman for daily use. It's not easy at all. It challenges your beliefs and surprisingly these beliefs never die out even if they were buried in your childhood memories you thought you forgot long back. 
Watching him losing the battle with Cancer was a blow to my idea of a man who was never defeated by anything. And actually he did make his point by coming out of this disease once before losing the final battle.
There were a lot of people at his funeral and they were saying plenty of fancy things about him being a wonderful person, which he certainly was. But at that time my mind went blank and all I could remember about him was his gold bracelet which I used to admire a lot and always wanted to wear one just like that myself. For me that bracelet was equivalent to the cape of a magician that hid his magical powers. Surprisingly, it does not sound silly to me even now.
I have lost my Superman. And I am too old to look for a new one. So goodbye my Superman. Sleep with peace.


  1. That is true Maheep bhaiya, Kamal uncle was our superhero, our superman, as i always say the back bone of the juneja's. He has taught us how to fight with courage even in his last days when doctors had no answer for our questions he had the answer HIS WILL. I am very thankful to God that we were able to go to India and spend some time with kamal uncle,he blessed aanya touched her forehead and i know aanya will always overcome all her problems and will have the strength like kamal uncle to fight with all the obstacles of life.I will never forget all the moments i spent with kamal uncle. I just wish we had a way to contact God and ask him why does he always take away those whom we love the most. Miss you loads Kamal Uncle.

  2. We love you Kamal Uncle... Superman for so many of us... our coming Genration will miss you, when they will hear stories about you... lesson I learnt from you... ALWAYS LIVE LIFE KING SIZE

  3. I really admire the way you truely out poured your heart adoring Kamal as the Superman .
    I my self wonder that he came to my home thrice for one monthe very time and cleared graduation which he dreamt long before .
    He lovingly used to tell others "I have done graduation from Deedee university .
    He was my loveliest brother .I happened to spend two months with him during his ailing period .Tried my best to let him think about positively . Once while giving him Massage he begane to sing "Ham honge kamyab !ek din " as he used to feel a bit relief in legs .
    May God bless his soul in peace Jagjit kaur [his elder sister .

  4. One thing i can never forget about him was his smile, he was always smiling whenever i looked at him. whenever i try to imagine his face i see a man with white beard and hair, a square shaped head and has a smile on his face. i wanted to be like that, i mean who doesn't? who doesn't wants to be happy all the time? i wanted to smile and be happy every second of my life. and now here i am a 15 year old boy who is proud to call him chote nana. he helped me to master the technique "The Infinite Smile". even now as i am writing this i remember his smiling face with my smiling face and smile ^_^ even now i remember one day i went to his house and i wanted to see my favorite show dragon ball z i asked my dad who was talking to him that dad can i watch dbz here? he said no its disrespectful but chote nana heard me asking. he said nothing, he just stood up and turned on the tv and said "what channel does dragon ball z comes on?" he lit up my face...

  5. Rabab, I am so proud of your comment. Love you.